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Toddler Yogi T ShirtToddler Yogi T ShirtToddler Yogi T Shirt

Toddler Girl T Shirt


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Product Description

As our babies grow they become toddlers and their movements are as natural as a yogi. They become “Strong like a tree”, “Roar like a lion” and “Leap as high as a frog”. We hope to inspire a generation with our positive earth-friendly garments. Each t-shirt features a little OM logo at the back.

This range of clothing is made from the same ethical garments as our baby range, and the touch is as soft as butter. Ideal for little movers and shakers.

Colours: Ecru

Print 1: “Strong Like a Tree”
Print 2: “Roar like a lion”
Print 3: “Leap as high as a frog”