maxine-cohen-the-tree-of-yogaMaxine qualified with the British Wheel in 2000, and is based in London where she teaches yoga classes as well as prenatal yoga and postnatal yoga.. The concept of the BKS Iyengar’s ‘Tree of Yoga” is at the heart of her teaching, and the teachings of Birthlight is her inspiration for her pre and post-natal classes. Maxine believes that ‘The Tree of Yoga’ is the mother that carries us, as well as the adult we become;”

“The roots ground us, the trunk keeps us centred and the branches forever reach for knowledge received through life’s experiences.”

Maxine teaches yoga classes in Wanstead, E11 East London, and regularly hosts events like gong baths, meditation, pre- and post-natal classes and community events, and yoga retreats.

As a natural progression from her commitment to her regular pre and post-natal classes, Maxine wanted to produce a range of clothing that reflected her teaching methods and that felt as wonderful as the positive energy that went into birthing the babies who would wear them. Her first collection, released in 2013, comprised of simple everyday babywear and specially designed yoga mats.

Maxine says “I wanted to produce a range of clothing that felt so soft. The babies would enjoy wearing them; the mummies would love the feel of them and at the same time were easy to wash.” One of our favourite aspects about this range is that these earth positive garments have been manufactured solely using renewable green energy from wind and solar power and have been produced under Global Organic Textile Standard from 100% Indian Cotton.

Each garment has a caption that is relevant to the baby’s journey and at the back of the clothing is a tiny ‘tattoo’ of “I’m a Baby Yogi”. As our babies grow, they become toddlers and their movements are as natural as a yogi. They become ‘Strong like a tree’, ’Roar like a lion’ and ‘Leap as high as a frog’ and that is why these statements are used throughout the range.

Maxine has just launched a new range of mini toddler clothing in time for 2017. These designs – along with her popular Baby Yogi range – are available to buy online in her Etsy shop.