What I Know For Sure

What I know for sure : 
Thank you to The tree of Yoga Community for the support over the last few months.We have seen over night the changes from being together ,to the big screen, figuring out how we can see ,hear one another , devises that need updating, adjusting , the need to listen and not talking over one another and we have done all this. can you see me , can I see you, can you hear me etc…Being Horizontal on the Mat….. 

What I know for sure :
After the first few months, we have settled and the community has grown, with Students from afar, that are able to access these classes.The community has grown closer, with the use of WhatsApp and The Tree Of yoga members facebook page. A space where we can support one another , share humour and as I write this, a dialogue amongst a group discussing props from bricks to ‘House Bricks” ?
Pregnancy classes , sharing birthing to blood test
Postnatal classes , sharing online classes and virtual coffee time with one another 

What I know for sure:
Nobody understood the Sanskrit names of the Asana’s ? So having to post list that are blurred and students connecting to apps. 
Students: Arriving with their supper                   
Children partaking                    
Dogs and cats                  
Creative with props, umbrella , brooms , books and even a life size man                   

What I know for sure:
The practice is stronger and we now understand my phrase “ we practice individually but together
“Ahimsa : Non Harming within Asana and Pranayama  Satya   : The Truth not just on the mat
Pratyahara : Withdrawing our senses. To be Present                    

What I know for sure:
Zoom comes with so much administration and I spend at least a few hours most morning having to update the class emails, because I put down the incorrect time or forgotten to change the date. Yes I’m dyslexic not just words, but numbers to.Answering emails and supporting students. 

Thank you Fiona for the love and support ,when we set up these online classes and spent the first few weeks shouting at the screen , creating sore throats and exhausted. 
Teaching is great, intense and having to be more precise. Hall way narrow and having to keep the bedroom door open so one of my limbs can lengthen into this space.Yes the classes go on and on, well over the time they are meant to be. 

Gerry occasionally taking phone calls and can be heard through the screen, or “take out arrive” for him during the Tuesday class that is mediative . ? 

What I Know for sure:
The love and support we give one another and how these classes have helped us all. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERY THING XXX P.S If there are students out there, that were unaware of these classes, please do reach out.