“I’ve found that through Maxine’s classes I have a better understanding of my practice enabling me to develop it further. Her style and approach make her classes enjoyable and fun, always something to look forward to after a busy day.”

Basmah Fahim

“I realised what a wonderful teacher Maxine was the day I rolled out my yoga mat on holiday in Thailand. During my self practice it suddenly dawned on me that I had learned, not followed. The energy in Maxine’s classes is something to be experienced. It would be impossible to capture the warmth and joy felt in words”

Amy Scott

“I have been attending Maxine’s Monday evening class for two and a half years. Before that I practiced ‘yoga’ postures for two years. However it wasn’t until I started going to these classes I gained a real passion for all aspects of yoga. Maxine has the ability to incorporate breath, posture, spiritual practice all in one class! And her classes are held safely with lots of humor, positive energy, honesty and encouragement. I look forward to every class because of this as I have made friends and feel like I am part of a wonderful local yoga community.”

Sandy Sangria

“Maxine’s classes are special because of the individual attention she gives each one of us. I always come away from Maxine’s class feeling uplifted and stretched in every sense. Maxine’s commitment is total and her teaching is inspirational”

Susie Worthington

Each session is thoughtfully tailored and differentiated to suit each individual in the class. Maxine has the expertise, precision and patience to know exactly how to guide everyone from the nervous beginner to the advanced on their yoga path.

I knew this wasn’t just any old yoga class when Maxine correctly, and very impressively, identified I had once had a hip injury quite literally within moments of meeting me. She listens incredibly carefully and has a scarily sharp memory of our array of ailments and how to best help us. Add here the ingredients of laughter, community spirit and warmth and you’ll hopefully have a sense of a typical Maxine yoga class!

I initially joined in 2012 because my midwife recommended pregnancy yoga classes and I now attend the Well Woman sessions. I wouldn’t usually write a testimonial but I was motivated to do so because I regret not making the time to take the postnatal classes (and my post-pregnancy body bears to this). I always urge / nag my pregnant friends to make sure they book postnatal classes as a top priority!


“Maxine is an exceptional teacher, encouraging us to “listen to our bodies” and “connect with the inner self”, which allows us to develop at our own pace and to our own limits. The class is very relaxed, friendly and nobody takes themselves too seriously, I always leave her classes energised and revitalised.

I love how I am learning things about myself mentally, physically and spiritually and how they are all connected. I would encourage everyone to introduce Yoga in to their routine either as an exercise or relaxation tool, but most of all come and be inspired by Maxine, and reap the benefits of what her practice can offer.”

Esme Fisher

Thank you for the last few months of pregnancy yoga, teaching me the importance of breath, and becoming at one with myself & baby. It prepared me for an amazing birth that i believe wouldn’t of been, had I had not been to your classes.


I have found that Maxine is a yoga teacher who through her own practise and beliefs enables her students to develop physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.She is prepared to extend and develop her own journey in order to better understand the diverse needs and abilities of her students. Maxine is also pleasantly unaware of the positive affect which she has on her students.