The Retreat

Potash Barns offer beautiful barns that are tastefully converted. Grade II listed farm buildings. the barns were built in the 1480’s as a “Hall House” and most of the originally structure remains, including a thatched roof. The barn in it’s current structure was probably built at the same time, although during the excavation four foundation timber posts were found suggestion an earlier more medieval building had been there. The Cart Lodge was probably an 18th century addition.

They are located in the hamlet of Brundish near Framlingham, amidst the quiet beauty of rural mid Suffolk. Situated within 20 minutes of the  Suffolk Heritage Coast, and within a few minutes walk of the Brundish Crown Public House,

An ideal opportunity to have time to explore the practise of yoga and to spend time with the community of like minded people.


I am so excited about introducing an urban day retreat, on our door step. 

The retreats in Suffolk have been so popular ,I have been inspired to create these experiences for the community as a day Re- Treating.

Chigwell Hall is a Grade II  Manor House in Chigwell, Essex. Situated on Roding Lane within 42 acres of grounds. It was built by the English architect Richard Norman Shaw and was completed in 1876.

Chigwell Hall is located on High Road, Chigwell, and is opposite to the Kings Head,[2] a 17th-century public house made famous by Charles Dickens, who used it as a basis for the Maypole, a tavern in his novel Barnaby Rudge.[3]

The rolling lawns , trees , season planting , secret garden and waterfall, are there to support this unique experience. And less than half an hour away from where we live

For those of you who know me, you will know how excited these retreats makes me feel and to share time with you all.  I am all about playing, trying something new and colouring outside the lines.  For me yoga has been a form of expression and a road to a deep connection. Exploring the breathe, asanas, sounds , eating and tasting the beautiful food, sharing a glass of wine  and enjoying one another .

The connection to something beyond the limits of our skin.  It is all creation, it is all healing, it is all good for the soul.   We are going to be diving into a deep, and freeing yoga practice, Aiming to marinade in the juice and allow ourselves the space to let go of whatever has been weighing us down so that we can leave the retreat inspired and rejuvenated with a renewed sense of wonder.


10-11:40 : Yoga

11:50 – 12:55 : Branch

 Smoothes ,Juices, granola , yogurt ,sour dough bread, salad , savoury frittatas etc

13:00 : 13:45: Pranayama

14:00-15:00: Yin yoga and deep relaxation

Finish with : Cake & Hydration



“Spiritual Salon” – My students wanted to know more, they were hungry for knowledge and I was ready to give more.

Held every 6 weeks; we discuss the text of the yoga philosophy, from the beautiful verses of the Upanishads, to the wheels of the Chakras. We come from all walks of life to share our thoughts and life’s knowledge in a supportive environment. What makes it even more special we share food that we have prepared with love?