Journey Towards Ourselves

As we journey towards the autumn we transition towards storing. In Chinese medicine these transitions are important for us to nature and nourish ourselves. Having been a shiatsu, TCM practitioner for over 20 years, I enjoy exploring this within my yoga teachings. Autumn is the season where the hot summer days gradually become shorter, and the leaves begin to change, presenting us with their beautiful colours before they fall off the trees to prepare for the coming winter. There is a cold in the air that signals us to start putting away our summer clothes and get out warmer clothing for the coming cold weather. We also begin to harvest and gather the brightly coloured foods that grow at this time of year like pumpkins and squashes, so they can be put away for winter. It is the time of year that we go from the relaxed and carefree attitudes of summer to the more serious and introspective energies associated with autumn. In Chinese medicine, autumn is associated with metal and the lungs ( not western organs). This season governs organisation, setting limits and protecting boundaries. In autumn we move from the external, expansive nature of summer to the internal, contractive nature of autumn. It is a good idea to finish up any projects you started in spring or summer and enjoy the results of all your hard work. It is also a good time to begin new projects that focus more on the internal – cultivating body and mind and becoming more introspective. The energy of the is  lung is“letting go”, so autumn is a good time to be mindful to let go of anything we may be holding on to so we can make room for new experiences that will help us to learn and grow.

The Lung and its Partner – The Large IntestineEvery organ in TCM has a partner – one is yin, the other yang. The lung is yin, and the large intestine is yang, and they work together to keep balance in the body. The lung is responsible for taking in the new. This manifests physically as breathing in the clean, crisp fall air, filling us with the oxygen we need to think clearly, and our bodies to function optimally. The large intestine is responsible for letting go of the waste. It is the last stage in digestion, and takes everything the body doesn’t need, and releases it, only keeping what is vital and important for us to function. Emotionally, this is why autumn is a good time to look at things we might be hanging on to, and working through them so that we can let them go for good.Connecting with nature, and autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year to do it.

Tuesday ClassesAs the leaves of The Tree Of Yoga change colour to the burnt oranges , yellows and reds, it is also a time of changes. After many years of wishing to have the majority of the classes under one roof, my wish as come true. From 12 th November yoga class 20:30 – 21:30 this class will look concentrate on the teachings os Desikachar : sequences that flow with prana , yin , sturas etc.Please do contact me for more information.  Weekend Retreat September 2020 Suffolk has been the home for our fabulous retreats over the last 6 years. Although this may seem so far in advance , spaces have already been taken.Please do contact me for more information.Emmas has started her Yoga tots on a Monday morning. A fun class for you and your toddler. Pleased contact