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Prenatal Testimonial
Jacobo arrived on the 24th at 3:42am.
We are all very happy, my parents arrived on Sunday to stay with Lena. We are still in hospital but hopefully we are going to be discharge today.
The labour was quick, I arrived at UCL hospital at 2:30am & one hour later Jacobo was with us, three BIG pushes!!
The way to hospital was something else… the taxi driver kept taking the wrong turn & at some point he took us to a dead end road, then I decided to put a wet towel on my face and focus on my breathing as it was the only thing I had control. I imagined myself blowing the bubbles and it really helps!!
The breathing also helped me in the early contractions, I managed them really well at  home.
Thank you very much for all your support.
Looking forward to introducing you to our new addition.
Hi Maxine
Our baby boy Levi Ariel arrived on Saturday afternoon. I had another great water birth and used a lot of yoga breathing and dancing and even went walking in Epping forest which really sped things up!

I remembered to thank my placenta too! ๐Ÿ™‚

So far heโ€™s a lovely chilled out baby and weโ€™re doing well, his brother and sister and very in love!

Thank you for your yoga sessions, definitely a highlight of my week and so relaxing!

Hi Maxine

I am so delighted to be able to sit and write this one week on with a gorgeous sleeping baby next to me. Bethanie Rose Riches arrived at 8.40am on Saturday 30 March. 
Her arrival was both quick and slow which I will explain, but most of all it was incredible!
I started having mild cramps on the Monday before, I had a sweep on the Tuesday and the early stages lasted all week, until the Friday where contractions became stronger and more regular. I spent the day preparing, walking around, a bit of dancing (listening to Blu Cantrell’s Breathe of course!) and resting. By late evening we went into hospital and had quite a long wait in triage. I used your recordings and shut my eyes whilst waiting and felt wonderfully calm and ready. My waters were leaking but not broken and when examined I was only 2cm so I was sent home to rest and booked for induction 24 hours later, due to leaking waters. 
We got home around 2am and then went to sleep, still feeling calm but knowing it wasn’t going to be much longer. It certainly wasn’t!! Somehow I slept through the next 3 hours and woke up in transition stage, absolutely ready to go!! Needless to say it was a record drive to Homerton, my waters fully broke in the car!! I was trying not to push in the corridors and was immediately sent to a birthing room! Beth was back to back and her heart rate started to drop so I did need ventouse to assist, but with that, my breathing and some gas and air, she was born very quickly. It was amazing and we couldn’t believe how fast it all happened in the end! 
We went home the next day and Jessica is a proud big sister. I cannot thank you enough for your contribution to keeping me calm and relaxed. Although it was all quite dramatic in the final stages and we didn’t get opportunity to have the water birth we wished for, I had much more energy and determination in reserve thanks to the calm state I was in during the build up.
Your classes have been wonderful and I shall miss my Saturday morning routine very much!
My beautiful baby girl Zara Sharma arrived last night! ๐Ÿ™‚ Your breathing techniques were the best and playlists – totally kept me calm and kept me going too… as did the lavender scent!!!

Maxine – I had a stunning natural birth feels so surreal -got to hospital and delivered within 45 mins!! Even midwife was like wow!