Seeing the world in a different way  : Inversions , Invert your thoughts.

When life feels overwhelming, enjoy a literal change in perspective by turning your world upside down.


“Whatever nectar flows from the moon which is divine form, it is all swallowed up by the sun. Hence the body decays.”


“There exists a divine process by which the sun is duped…”


“If one’s navel is high and palate is low, then the sun in above and the moon below. This position, the inverted pose (Viparita Karani), is to be learned through the instructions of a Guru.”Hata Yoga Pradipika III, 77-79


The above quote from the Hata Yoga Pradipika describes symbolically the extraordinary benefits of inverted poses, the downward flow of the nectar which is swallowed up, causes the body to decay. Inverted poses reverse, or at least slow this process. Indeed, inverted positions – a unique gift of Yoga – are a great benefit. These poses take us to an inner journey into the core of our being. They touch and heal us on a deep level; they penetrate deep within, where our fears are hidden yet where our powers and joy can be found.


There is an open dialogue with the self: In my experience with yoga, there is the physical practice and the emotional, spiritual practice ( infinitive of each other). What ever you choose can have a dynamic change within the Self.


“ You must savour the fragrance of a posture. Until you are relaxed, you cannot savour the fragrance”

B.K.S Iyengar



Inversion Health Benefits

The “Upanishads”, one of the oldest yoga texts, states, “One who practices headstand three hours daily, conquers time.” Ancient yogis believed that one who practices inversions daily could defy time and live forever!  While inversions may not make you immortal, they do offer many important health benefits for the body.

Inversions influence four major systems in the body: the cardiovascular, the lymphatic, the nervous and the endocrine.


    ▪    Cardiovascular: Turning the body upside down delivers fresh, oxygenated blood to the head, improving circulation. Standing upright for the majority of the day causes the lower lung tissues to become saturated with blood. Inverting helps ventilate the upper lungs, which improves oxygen-to-blood exchange and promotes healthier tissue. Being upside down also helps lower blood pressure and heart rate, thereby reducing stress.


    ▪    Lymphatic: The lymphatic system is responsible for waste removal, fluid balance and immune system balance; it’s the “sewage system” for the body. Like the circulatory system, the lymphatic system benefits from muscular movement to stimulate flow. Turning the body upside down stimulates the entire lymphatic system. Even mild inversions such as a “feet up the wall” pose will stimulate the lymphatic system, which in turn strengthens the immune system and may decrease the incidence of minor and allergies.


    ▪    Endocrine: Many inversions stimulate the pituitary gland, the body’s master control gland, and also promote the release of endorphins for an enhanced state of wellbeing.


    ▪    Nervous: Inversions stimulate the cerebrospinal fluid (also known as CSF), the “juice” of the central nervous system. Headstand position, for example, promotes elasticity in the cranial bones.


Inversions may also help relieve pain the in back. Years of sitting hunched over a desk or standing with poor posture lead to chronic back pain. Practicing inversions, especially with the use of an inversion table, may help improve alignment of the musculoskeletal system. This includes strengthening the ligaments and soft tissues, relieving muscle spasms and improving spinal disc health.



Headstands , Shoulder stands  seem overwhelming to some people. Yoga offers so many alternatives:

Down dog

Forward bends



Wall T Stand

Preparation for Head Stand


We can sit in ( 8 limbs)

    Dharana. …Concentration
Dhyana. ….Absorption 


Investigating our practice towards an opening in the present moment ,taking ourselves to another place. Inverting our thoughts.