Happy New Year 2019

 I often say how quick time goes and yet time has the same seconds, minutes, hours, days and months. Here we are in 2019, so lets enjoy every one of these moments and be present.Classes : Resume 3rd January 2019Time table:
Regular                  Prenatal                 Postnatal        Space
Monday 20:15                                       12:30             URC
Tuesday 20:30         19:00                                           Baptist
Wednesday 12:30                                                       URC
Thursday     20:00                                 12:30             URC
Saturday     10:45       9:30                   

Events :

I am really pleased to bring back to the community “The Tree of Yoga Spiritual Salon/ Satsang” As a yoga teacher we are taught so many beautiful elements of the yoga path and I am afraid to say, these learnings are seldom passed to the students. Within my classes I try to thread these jewels, but they need to be honoured , shared and discussed within a Salon. After many years I am ready to hold this space once again.Date 18th January 2019Time : 20:00 – 21:30Place: Wanstead United Reformed Church (enter Grosvenor Road)Limited Spaces so please let me know if you are coming or go to FB to show attendance  The salon will cover :PranayamaMantraMeditationDiscussion of the scriptures ( I will send out before the text we will cover) Food to share ( vegetarian )Donation to The Alzheimers Charity  Day Retreat 10th Feb

For those of you who know me, you will know how excited these  retreats makes me feel and to share time with you all.  I am all about playing, trying something new and colouring outside the lines.  For me yoga has been a form of expression and a road to a deep connection. Exploring the breathe, asanas, sounds , eating and tasting the beautiful food, sharing a glass of wine  and enjoying one another .The connection to something beyond the limits of our skin.  It is all creation, it is all healing, it is all good for the soul.   We are going to be diving into a deep, and freeing yoga practice, Aiming to marinade in the juice and allow ourselves the space to let go of whatever has been weighing us down so that we can leave the retreat inspired and rejuvenated with a renewed sense of wonder.MORNING – MovingWe’ll start the day with meditation and breath practices to bring us into the space and set intentions for the day.  These practices will be accessible for newbies right up to seasoned yogis and you will be guided through both external and internal breath.Before Branch we’ll move through a dynamic sequence suitable for all levels.  The focus of this sequence will be transitions as we move through familiar shapes in unfamiliar ways, experience the spaces in between the postures and find stillness in effort and movement. AFTERNOON – Inwardsthe afternoon with a mini workshop focusing on what self care really means and how we can implement this into our daily lives.  You will take home ideas to help you make your day retreat last longer.  The afternoon practice will involve gentle movement, restorative yoga and yoga nidra to help you work with the parasympathetic nervous system and find a deep state of conscious rest leaving you feeling rested, calm and rejuvenated.

Family Yoga February Half Term

Family yoga is a fun, flowing class for a parent and child of 3
years and up. The class makes use of partner poses and props in a non-competitive and stimulating environment. For children, behaviour improves as they learn to regulate their emotions. For parents, the classes encourage living in the moment more with their children, appreciating time together, letting go of any frustrations and focusing more on the little people inside. Through mindfulness, visualisation and relaxation techniques, children and parents also learn to calm their minds and relax, which can significantly help with bed time and sleeping patterns. In this busy modern age, it is proving difficult for families to find quality down time together in between school, activities, work and other commitments – not to mention the constant distraction of TV and computers. A family yoga session has been proven to improve and grow the family dynamic and allow for a special bonding time. Families leave class feeling more attentive toward each other as communication improves and each member becomes more aware of the other’s needs.  Among the many benefits, family yoga:promotes adaptability, confidence and excellent self-esteemalleviates anxiety and depression and reduces stressenhances flexibility, strength and increases muscle tone, motor skills and awareness of bodyteaches how to self-regulate emotionsimproves behaviour and sleeping patterns strengthens family bonds and improves communication